Did you say new bloom every season??? Ta-Da!!!


Every spring atleast one new bloom

I decided to start this year lots of bulbs and trees… Plan is to have atleast one bulb bloom per season… So spring I started with traditional daffodils and tulips.. the muscaris that planned two years ago are still going strong.. my hyacinths haven’t come up this year… Apart from that, the pink jasmine that planted in front yard, has vigorously grown and covered the arch and is currently covered in pink buds while the one in backyard is already blooming and trying to grow in to my neighbors backyard. I have also planted some freesia and am hoping that they will come up, but I fear that I have been little late in planting them.

End of January also brings my wedding anniversary and my dear husband has perfected the formula this time. He got me 12 plants – 2 blueberry plants, a peach tree, a nectarine, 2 apple, 2 pear, a pomegranate, one almond tree, one huge pink jasmine and a fragrant yellow rose plant :D, now that is the way to get to the heart of a garden maniac. Usually when I have so many trees I call a gardener to plant them, but this time I plan to plant those trees on my own, so they are taking a bit of time. On top of all this I have also got a shed dedicated for the garden. I have been wanting to start worm composting, but haven’t found a suitable space for it. May be if there is enough space after storing all the equipment i might start worm composting bin in the garden shed.

It is March now, and my front yard is full of flowers. I have already started my sweet peas saplings for this year in a pot. I have also planted some Strawberry bare roots and hope that they take. This year I had the foresight to order lot of vegetable seeds ahead of time. So this time I have quite a number of Indian vegetable seeds and trees seeds. I am waiting for April before throwing those seeds in to the ground.

What is new? Well I have decided to try raised bed this time. Last year we ended up doing drip system for the trees we had planted and the main valve system ended up in the middle of inground vegetable bed making it impossible for me try planting there without hitting one of the tubes. Also the all the watering for my vegetables triggered the previously cut orange trees to grow. Within an year I have 2 huge orange tree and they have started giving fruits too. I have no wish to cut them. I have no idea why the previous owner cut such a huge tree in the first place. But it is of no concern. I am happy to have the trees growing back.

So vegetable bed. This time I am planting some of my veggies in the bed. Mostly it is going to be root vegetables (right now I am growing beets in it. No carrots though, Costco is cheaper :D, come summer I should have potatoes, sweet potatoes, colacasia (I want to repeat the Pathro dish)) and greens. Other veggies are going to be straight in ground or pots(sweet peas mostly).

Almost all the my previous trees are coming back after winter well. Only worried about the last year peach sapling, because it ended up with fungus. Though, the plant recovered from it, the buds from which the new leaves grown is again covered in fungus. I am hoping the leaves sprout well enough, because right now, anything I might apply to get rid of the fungus will hurt the leaves.

In summer I expect to have gladiolus crocosima and dahlias… Will plant once the spring blooms start going down.. last year the gladiolus in front yard attracted an army of humming birds and were such a pleasure to watch. Apart from that, I expect to have my usual hibiscus, fragrant Rose and fuchsia. I also have bulbs for fragrant tuberose (Sampangi), they are perennial apparently. So if I manage to root it, I should have done really interesting blooms to look forward to.

In fall I will have my Nityamalli blooming. Last year, it was blooming till nearly November. It has grown rapidly and I will mostly need another trellis for it. Mmm.. That’s it for now !!

Spring overhaul

With mother’s day being here, my hubby decided pamper me. And the best gift he could think of was a garden overhaul :D. He got in gardeners to do it. And not just that he also got me about 6fruits trees, 2fragrant rose bushes and a sprinkler system for the whole garden. It will make it little easier for u maintain, was his explanation. And I love him. The sprinkler system is an amazing success. Both the back and front yard plants are blooming. The fruits trees he got me were plum, peach, persimmon, red cherry, red grapes, kumquat and avacado. 6 trees and a grape vine. The grapes that I had planted previously are growing vigorously and have tripled in size.

It been one year and 9months since I started on this garden. The plants that have done really well here are fig trees, grape vine, pomegranate, raspberry bushes, blueberry.. rest of the fruit and berries plants are still growing. Flowers that are doing amazingly well is hibiscus, gladiolus, pink jasmine, jasmine fluminense, hydrangea, sun parasol, osteospermum, chrysanthemum, roses, Arabian jasmine, fuschia, calendula and geranium. The only flowering plant that hasn’t bloomed yet is honeysuckle. It is growing well but it is one of first plant I planted here, and it hasn’t bloomed even once..

Though I did build a vegetable bed, I didn’t plant any this year so far. I m hoping this year I can do winter crop of greens, radishes, peas of course, may be squash too.

A year and now

Last spring I started working on my new garden… I planted my favorite flowers in my front yard and vegetables in backyard… After a year.. this spring I have the most gorgeous front yard and a slightly messy vegetable patch 🙂.. but a very satisfying garden on the whole..

My lavenders have grown large and hyacinth made an appearance in January… The hibiscus has become a small bush.. so has the osteospermums.. the year round brightness given by orange calendula has added perfect color to my front year…with fast growing fuschia, and chrysanthemums.. not to mention pink jasmine, jasmine fluminense, sun parasol geranium in 4 different colours, ivy geranium, creeping rosemary….I am absolutely in love with my front yard.. that said I have also planted new bulbs and seeds for this spring… Dahlias have always been my favorite, some phlox and oriental lilies.. I am hoping they grow well.. I have also seeded some coneflowers, black eyed susan, milkweed, zinnias and morning glory..

As for my backyard they need lot of lawn mowing and clearing up the vegetable patch.. but this time, i am planning to focus more on greens for my vegetable patch.. I am also getting a new raised bed.. I have planted some amranth seeds and have tomato sapling ready and waiting.. I planning to have summer squash, cucumber, bell peppers, chards this time…

Best news of all, all the trees that I planted last year have come up with new leaves.. i only hope that they grow well this year.. and my berry bushes are flourishing too..

I am planning to focus on flowers in back yard too.. may be some wildflower seeds might for the trick. I already have a calendula patch, geraniums, pink jasmine and hibiscus .. I haven’t planted my fragrant rose on ground.. so add that and phlox, more dahlias and morning glories in back yard.. with lavender, rosemary and sage added should make interesting back yard..

Who wants to eat cucumber?

Cucumbers are my favorite. I was so eager to grow them, that I sowed most of the seeds directly in the ground on the day I got seeds from the store. And I watched with dismay the next day as the Crows ate them all. Not a single seed survived them. So the next batch, I started the seeds indoor. It became my kid’s lockdown project. She dutifully watered them and took care of them, and once the saplings were big enough v planted them in the ground. I haven’t worked on any trellis for cucumber, so they are spreading on the ground. I haven’t found any difference.. only the cucumbers are little bit dirty and need thorough washing before use.